Review : twin draft guard

twins are freaky.

I’m not basing this axiom on “The Shining” alone.

One of my first childhood memories was of meeting my uncle.

I’m sure that my Dad didn’t call his brother the night before his arrival to coordinate outfits.

Yet, when Uncle Joe stepped off the plane at Philly International, he was wearing khaki shorts and a blue polo, which… was what my Dad was wearing.  Same shade and everything.

Same glasses, hair parted the same way, same mannerisms, same speech patterns…

Even as a child, I was pretty weirded out by the whole twin thing.

My reaction at seeing Dad and Uncle Joe together. I looked a lot like Ginny Weasley back then…

So, I expected to be a bit creeped out by the draft guard, knowing that it has a twin that is probably living 1,200 miles away and wearing the same outfit.

But, we had to try this thing out.

It’s winter.

Our bed is located right in front of a window.

The windows in our house haven’t been replaced since, I’m guessing, the Nixon administration.

So, lying in our bed feels similar to attempting to get a good night’s rest in a cryogenic chamber.

me at six o’clock every morning

The draft guard, as the moniker may imply, guards against drafts.

This is wonderful news for us, since our house has more drafts than Chicago’s Map Room.

(a better example, as it turns out, would be Summit’s Wayside Tavern in Woodstock, Georgia.  224 different beers on tap.   Must… Go…)

How well does it work?

This picture is taken in our kitchen, exactly 42 inches from our back door.

As I was saying, though it’s still a few degrees colder near the door and windows, those eight degrees
make a huge difference.

Where to Buy: Twin Draft Guard at

Price: $9.95 + S & H

Why didn’t you just move your bed to an inside wall, you big dummy?: We actually did try that for a few nights. It’s strange how something as simple as moving from the right side of the bed to the left can COMPLETELY jack up your ability to fall asleep. After a long weekend, and a total of about 20 hours of sleep between Jess and I on those three nights, we figured it was better to move the bed back to the cold wall.

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