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I come from a long line of women who are hardcore about keeping a clean house. If you walked through my Grandmother’s living room as a kid, and you left foot imprints on her pristine carpet, you had to be prepared to pull the carpet wand through after yourself to make them disappear. My own mother’s housekeeping skills are legendary – for a woman who has worked full time since I was seven, every inch of her four-bedroom house could pass the white glove challenge at any given time.

And me?  Well, I have good intentions.  I can’t stand clutter, and as a result, our house is tidy and certainly on the clean end of the spectrum, but I pale in comparison to my mother. For one thing, I am far lazier than she is. If you’re making me choose between scrubbing the laundry room floor and vegging out on the couch, curled up with a good book, the laundry room will lose each and every time. Poor laundry room.So, what’s a gal to do when there is a palpable cognitive dissonance between her yearning for a clean house and her pure, unadulterated sloth?  Why, she’ll spend her hard earn money on gadgets that take the elbow out of elbow grease, of course.

Take a household chore- any household chore- and automate it with a machine that will make the task easier, and I swear I will be the first in line to buy it. If I had been alive in the time where women did laundry with a washboard and a wooden barrel, I might just have invented the washing machine myself out of sheer desperation.

The bathroom is probably my most dreaded cleaning arena because there are just so many things to clean- and they’re not the kind of things you can just skip out on cleaning unless you like living in a Petri dish and don’t mind a toilet bowl that looks like something that the Creature From the Black Lagoon might emerge from. I am constantly looking for things to make my bathroom cleaning experience easier – from disinfectant wipes that can also be used to clean mirrors to toilet bowl brushes with built in cleaner and disposable sponge heads. Until the future arrives, bringing with it my housekeeping robot, these little improvements will have to do.

That’s why I was so psyched to try the Sonic Scrubber. It’s a little scrubby thing, with a motor, so that you can clean things without even moving your arm! It’s sort of like the Sonic Scrubber was invented for me to use. Like once upon a time I wished upon a star, and my voice echoed across the dark, cold night into the ear of a man at a desk hundreds of miles away who decided “Yes! Yes! I will invent the product of your dreams! I will name it the Sonic Scrubber, and it will be to you what the wheel was to the rest of mankind. Take this Sonic Scrubber and go forth and be fruitful! ”Okay, so it wasn’t that serious, but suffice to say I gladly forked over my $22.99 for the Scrubber and the bathroom brush attachments. I’m not sure if at the time I ordered I knew that there were so many freaking brush options, or I probably would have spent a lot more than that. As I patiently awaited the arrival of my new favorite thing on Earth, I developed a plan of attack by taking a quick visual inventory of my bathroom. Outdated, fifty-year-old salmon pink shower tiles? Check.  Decent looking off-white ceramic tile floor in desperate need of new grout? Check. More lime than Cinco de Mayo party? Check. Oh, the places you will go, Sonic Scrubber! When the Sonic Scrubber finally arrived, I took a few moments to compose myself, and then went to work. The first thing that struck me was how much the Sonic Scrubber resembled a giant electric toothbrush. Although the thought may cross your mind, don’t you dare use this thing to clean your teeth, because it will likely polish off all your enamel, loosen a molar, and possibly take part of your tongue with it as well.  You might assume that little piece of advice is just plain old common sense, but the fact that it’s prominently mentioned on the Scrubber’s official website makes me think the mistake has been made before.

Yes, El Scrubbero is powerful, which is a good thing. It easily cleaned the grout on both the floor and the tub, because the four different sized attachments allowed me to get where a regular scrub brush or toothbrush wouldn’t- had I been so inclined to labor in such a fashion in the first place. You can use virtually any cleaner with the Sonic Scrubber, which was an added bonus for me. Because the cleaning action is a result of a high speed oscillation, I didn’t need the harsh scrubs and bleaches that I’d tried in the past. Not only will that save you some money over time, but it’s better for the planet and better for you as well. I’d rather not spend ten minutes every Saturday morning breathing in chemical fumes if I can avoid it.I think that your opinion of the Sonic Scrubber will probably depend on how much value you give small improvements to your life. To me, the cost of the Scrubber is well worth it, because it lets me avoid doing things I find unpleasant (namely: physical exertion) and does a better job than I could have on my own anyway. In all honesty, I would probably need a Popeye arm to get the tile and grout as clean as it is without it. Although my Scrubber is marketed specifically for the bathroom and other models are available for the kitchen and vehicle use, I’ve used it outside of the bathroom to clean a number of things and it’s worked fantastically. I’d venture to say that anything you’d normally scrub with a rag can be scrubbed with this little guy – pots and pans, fixtures, siding, the wheel wells of a car. If you’re concerned about damage to delicate surfaces, test it first on an inconspicuous area to make sure it won’t scratch or chip. And, obviously, if you’re using it to clean your toilet bowl, you might want to buy a separate set of attachment brushes before you move on to another area of the house. Or else, don’t invite me over for dinner.

Like, ever.

Where to Buy: The Sonic Scrubber at

Price: $9.99 – price will vary depending on package

Hours I’ve Spent Dreaming About a Housecleaning Robot: 7,342 and counting

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