Review: the nicer dicer

Shortly after our Chop Wizard was rendered impotent, we were presented with a Nicer Dicer.

The Chop Wizard and Nicer Dicer are in the same immediate family of kitchen aids.  I like to think of the Nicer Dicer as the Chop Wizard’s younger brother.  Smaller.  Not as popular.  If it breathed, it would likely be slightly asthmatic.

It’s easy to tell that these two devices are siblings.  They both have their mother’s “Achilles Fulcrum” and their pappy’s “Slam Cap.”  (If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, you can reference the earlier review of the Vidalia Chop Wizard by clicking here.)  They perform the same duties.  They both come equipped with interchangable blades and catch containers.  They’re both sleek and stylish — however, each could benefit from the addition of a racing stripe.

Though kindred, there were a few traits that distinguished one As-Seen-On-TV product from the other.

Because of its diminutive stature, The Nicer Dicer leaves much to be desired when handling large fruits and vegetables.  It has a smaller slicing area than its big bro, so Vidalia onions and Idaho potatoes have to be cut in half… occasionally quartered…. for the Nicer Dicer to be effective.  The storage container for the freshly chopped veggies was also miniscule compared to the Chop Wizard.  The Wizard could hold damn near four cups worth of shit.  The dicer’s maximum capacity was a comparatively weak cup and a half.

Above is a snapshot of a lid cleaning tool.  The lid (AKA “Slam Cap”) of the Chop Wizard has a raised cutting disc comprised of a hundred or so closely-spaced plastic stalactites.  When these pegs push food through the razor gauntlet, more often than not, skins or rinds get wedged between the spikes.  Without the improbably handy cheap scraper thing (or a dishwasher), cleaning the Wizard would be a total bitch.

When the Chop Wizard split in half like a divorced couple’s assets, I held onto the lid cleaner.  Why?  No idea.  Perhaps I thought that one day the woman below would ring our doorbell and beg for her head to be scratched.

I’m kidding, of course!  We don’t have a doorbell.

But, back on topic, I’m glad I held onto the incredibly useful little doodad.  Because the Nicer Dicer didn’t include one.  Score another point for the Chop Wizard.

The biggest difference between the two, and the reason I actually prefer the Nicer Dicer, is in the placement of the catch container.  With the container on top, it remains unaffected by the repititious slamming of the lid.  Unlike the Chop Wizard, which, quite literally, cracks under the pressure.

As a bonus, the placement of the container on the Nicer Dicer reminds me of the Pop-o-Matic bubble from Trouble and Headache, and those were fun games.

Where to Buy: The Nicer Dicer

Price: $19.95

Is Headache a fun game?: I don’t really remember. I think it was a lot like Sorry!, but with a pop-o-matic bubble for dice rolling… which made it that much cooler.

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