Review: mighty mendit

Whenever I work on anything around the house, from painting walls to mowing the lawn to dusting the end tables, I like to wear my “project pants.”

Here’s what they look like:

Even with the extremely poor picture quality (sorry about that… couldn’t find Jess’s camera, and had to resort to the camera phone…), you can see three different colors of paint, mud stains, and a combination of caulk and pipe sludge that make it appear as if a ginormous bird took a crap that covered the entire right leg.

In addition to all of the stains, check out the right knee:

These look like khakis that Joe Elliot from Def Leppard would have worn if the ’87 Hysteria tour required business casual attire.

A gash that size requires an adhesive that’s mighty. That’s mighty mighty.

There was this flexible bonding agent, and the name of the flexible bonding agent escapes me…

We decided to test


Mendit on the project pants. Maybe with the hole repaired they’d be more suitable to wear in public. Perhaps even to work, if the paint and caulk can be removed. Then again, the pants have about as much chance of coming completely clean as Billy Joel’s driving record does.

My first impression of
Mendit was that it worked a little too well. At some point over the past few months, the cap had come off of the bottle. As a result, nearly half of our supply had bonded with itself, and with the box that it was sold in. Here’s a picture of what was removed from the box:

It was a fairly sizeable hunk of dried Mendit, which resembles, in color and apparent consistency, tauntaun intestines.

Lucky for Luke Skywalker, tauntaun innards don’t have the same cohesive tendencies.

There was a fair amount left in the bottle, though… plenty enough to squeeze a few drops onto the fabric.

The second that the two pieces of material were pressed together, they were joined at the hip… or at the knee, as it were.

The true test came tonight… laundry night.

The package calls for 24 hours between application of the


Mendit and its introduction to the washing machine.

I held out for as long as I could, but ended up starting the last load at 1 am… a mere 21 hours after repairing the torn trousers.

And now for the moment of truth….

And a closer look…

I’m impressed!

I’m a bit skeptical about the flag being fixed immediately after the product is administered. Before subjecting a flag to gale-force winds, I’d wait the same 24 hour period reserved for running revamped garments through the spin cycle.

I also doubt that I’d have the balls to jump out of an airplane at 13,000 feet with a parachute recently fixed with



Come to think of it, I doubt I’d have the balls to jump out of an airplane under any circumstances.

But, from our initial testing, I’d have to conclude that


Mendit works.

And works well.

Works mightily.

Where to Buy: Mighty Mendit at

Price: $11.99 + S & H

If Luke Skywalker hadn’t found that dead tauntaun to crawl inside for warmth, what are the chances he would have survived another ten minutes in the extreme temperatures on the planet Hoth?: About the same chance of my project pants, or Billy Joel’s driving record, coming clean.

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