Review : grill daddy

I guess there’s no bad time for London Broil, per say.

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, though, the urge to head outside and cook steak on the grill rises in sync with the temperature.

This past Sunday, with the mercury hitting the mid 70’s, Jess and I finally gave in to the Siren call of the brazier.

We tried a new marinade… garlic peppercorn, I think it was called.


I enjoy cooking.

I (obviously) really enjoy eating.

Here’s the part I don’t like.

Seriously? It looks like Davie Hogan from the movie “Stand By Me just finished using the grill.

Grill Daddy.

The name, for me, conjures up images of a rapper with braces. Perhaps Lil’ Wayne will call himself “Da Grill Daddy” on a future album

“Metal mizz-outh, bitches!!”

The Grill Daddy has a surprisingly simple design. It’s a molded plastic handle with a square wire brush on the base. On the back is a smaller row of longer bristles. The flipside of the handle has a small hole, a cap, and a valve. To get started, remove the cap and fill the handle with water.

Then, after lighting the grill, turn the valve to the “on” position, place the bristles on the parallel slats, and STAND BACK!

Harnessing the power of steam, like Robert Fulton did way back when, the Grill Daddy takes care of all the caked on crap from months of neglect and sauce oversaturation.

The flames from the lit grill heat up the water inside the device, and the released steam, in theory, removes the gunk from the grates.

On the downside, there’s quite a bit of steam involved, making the application of the product reminiscent of visiting Iceland.

Anything that does that fine of a job cleaning a grill that my sloppy ass owns is probably worth looking into.


Where to Buy: Grill Daddy PRO at

Price: $24.99 + S & H

That’s the real name of the Icelandic geyser? Isn’t there a joke there somewhere? : Do you mean something along the lines of “Strokkur? I hardly know her!” I suppose that’s funny…

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