Infomercial flashback – spray, spray, spray that bald away!

Here at We Took the Bait, we sometimes like to pay homage to infomercial products of the past. Sure, Billy Mays (RIP), Anthony Sullivan, and Vince Offer are the modern faces of late night pitches that have an equal chance of being awesome or a waste of $19.99 plus shipping and handling – but what about those that paved the way?

Today we  give props to the original Sultan of Schtick, the numero uno Purveyor of Pitch, the one, the only Ron Popeil. In addition to looking eerily like Jack Nicholson’s version of the Joker in the Michael Keaton era Batman movie, Ron built a mecca of infomercial products known as RonCo. Still chugging away on the informercial scene fifty years later, Ron is best nown for his rotisserie-style cookers and his catchphrases “Set it…and FORGET IT!” and “But WAIT…there’s MORE!”

Our favorite Popeil pitch is still the GLH (Great Looking Hair) Hair in a Can Spray. During the early 1990’s, RonCo pitched this spray-on toupee, and convinced thousands of Americans to graffiti their own scalps in an attempt to cover up small to medium bald patches. Some twenty-odd years later it’s still available for purchase on the RonCo website. If you’d used it or are thinking of using it, we’d love to hear from you! We’re especially interested in knowing how your pillowcases held up.

Thanks to the Coolestmovies YouTube channel for the video!


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