23.Mar.2011 Review : The Snuggie

A common misconception among those who have seen me without a shirt on is that I spend, bare minimum, ten hours every Saturday in the gym sculpting my abs.

...of course those are my abs. What, do you think I just did an image search for "abs" and took the first relevant picture to come up?

In reality, those ten hours are more or less spent curled up on the couch with Jess, watching some of the finest movies ever made courtesy of Netflix.

Enjoying a lazy weekend packed full of sub-par cinema and Chinese takeout has always been one of our favorite leisure activities.

Until this past Christmas, though, there was a major drawback.

Jess and I would share a blanket. Nine out of ten times, she would reach for this one:

For starters, the fleece is not designed to cover two people.ย  One of us (namely…me) always had frigid extremities.

Also, it was less than comfortable having the likeness of Robert Pattinson’s faux-vampire face so close to my crotch.

On Christmas morning, I unwrapped one of these bad boys:

I have three complaints about the Snuggie.

Jess opted for one in royal blue.

It may be impossible to get anything in a more manly color than

Royal Blue.

If George Brett’s 317 career Home Runs and .305 lifetime batting average aren’t manly enough for you, for whatever reason,

Chuck Norris wears royal blue.

Yet, when I put on the Snuggie… if I listen carefully enough, I can actually HEAR my testosterone level plummeting.

Instead of a booklight, this sleeved blanket should come with a nice pleather pouch that you can hold your scrotum in while you’re wearing it.

Another gripe I have is that once I put it on and curl up to cuddle and watch a movie, I’m knocked out faster than Glass Joe in the original Punch Out.

42 seconds in... that sounds about right.

With the exception of “Troll 2,” I don’t think I’ve stayed fully awake through an entire movie since getting the Snuggie.ย  That’s probably a good 15 to 20 movies that I’ve slept during, or completely through.ย 

I blame the super warm Snuggle-riffic cocoon.

It doesn’t seem like it would be all that heat-retaining, as the material isn’t much thicker than a ShamWow!… but it’s really cozy.

The image of the poor old man in the front row shivering in his Members Only jacket (at the 55 second mark of the infomercial) while all other event spectators are “wrapped in warmth” may have some validity.

However, I can’t vouch, since I refuse to wear the Snuggie outside of the house. I’m just not into the whole public self-emasculation scene.

Lastly, Jess has made it very clear that I can’t wear the Snuggie to bed.

I think she phrased it “You can’t wear the Snuggie to bed.”

So, I’m getting between 6 and 8 hours less use per day out of the Snuggie than I really could… and it’s not fully realizing its Snuggie potential.

Otherwise, I’m all about the Snuggie.

And watching crappy movies with my wife.

Until I fall asleep, full of Chinese food. And, thanks to the Snuggie, estrogen.

Where to Buy: Official Snuggie Fleece Blanket with Sleeves Web Site

Price: $19.99 + S & H

I’m planning a vacation to a remote Utah town called Eripmav. Should I be concerned that the name of the town is vampire spelled backwards?: I can’t see any reason why you’d vacation in Utah.

(Photo Sources: http://www.fashionaccess.blogspot.com; http://www.ickscorner.com; http://www.andiamnotlying.com; http://www.mobygames.com)

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  • I’m not sure I would be able to act as my wife’s sofa foot rest to the desired standard if I was all wrapped up in said snuggie.

  • Rene Foran says:

    something about those abs reminds me of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Jeremy says:

    Hey, Simon!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    I think you’d make a fine foot rest while Snuggie-fied.

    In fact, with the warm material and SLEEVES (holycrapsleeves!), the Snuggie may enhance the foot resting experience.

  • Jeremy says:

    Hey, Rene!

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, eh?

    Maybe THAT explains why my nickname through college was “Donatello.”

  • Doug says:

    Oh man Jeremy, you are one of the snuggie people now! My God have mercy on your soul. lmfao!

  • Marie says:

    I think it takes a real man to admit he…um…utilizes a Snuggie. I won’t point out that ‘Snuggie’ sounds uncomfortably like ‘Huggie’, as in diapers. I am sure there is no correlation. (snicker)

    Speaking of vampires, and movies, have you seen When Sally Met Harry II? I think you will get a kick out of it. http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/5hhr

    Thanks for stopping by my Bookworm blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Because you left a comment, you are entered in this week’s giveaway.

  • Ha ha! My kids love our Snuggie. It IS warm and cozy. I agree about the whole outdoors business, though. Not on your life. And royal blue? Prepare to be razzed! Still, I don’t want Chuck Norris coming after me. Scary.

  • I received a Wisconsin Badger (GO BIG RED!) Snuggie for Christmas from my son. He got a size small, bless his little heart. The Badgers went to the Rose Bowl this year (Go Bucky!), so the stores were all out, and I didn’t have the heart to exchange it for a different one. So now, I sometimes have to spend 2 hours watching a movie with my son covered in the the equivalent of a napkin while he’s nice and toasty under a real blanket. I guess it’s the thought that counts, right?

  • Jeremy says:

    Sorry it took so long to reply! Poor neglected blog….

    @ Doug — I don’t know if I’m a “Snuggie person.” That sounds a bit cultish. You’ll know I’ve totally converted if I rave about my new purple Nikes or insist that everyone start addressing me as “Fa.” Then, by all means, contact the authorities.

    @ Marie — I don’t know if there’s an exact correlation between “Huggie” and “Snuggie”… but I sort of bridged the gap between the two. Not sure if that Snuggie will ever come clean.

    @ Janene — Nobody wants Chuck Norris coming after them… except maybe that guy who lifts and carries the 500 lb. rocks on ESPN 2. He has, at least, a chance of survival…. albeit a slim one.

    @ Don’t Make That Face — The beauty of having Temple as an Alma Mater is knowing that if I ever want their athletic department branded Snuggie, it will never be sold out.

    I bet that that’s the most comfortable napkin that you’ve ever worn, though.

  • Don says:

    Hmm, a Snuggie man.. Not many of you out there I bet.. But that’s OK, I’ve contemplated getting one, but I get too hot most of the time anyway (warm blooded I guess, from all the ladies I’ve bitten as a Vampire from Eripmav?)…

    Now if you get the purple shoes, you move into a new class all your own…

    I’ve met Mr. Norris, short little guy, and I study the same art he does, so I’m not toooooo worried about him coming my way… ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • mo says:

    nilbog it’s goblin spelled backwards!

  • Jeremy says:

    What’s up, Mo?

    Jess and I watched a documentary over the weekend called “The Best Worst Movie,” all about Troll 2 and its recent cult status.

    George Hardy, the father from the movie, is now a family dentist in Alabama, and he’s about the coolest guy ever.

    But, I won’t let him piss on hospitality.

  • Melissa Skolnick says:

    Snuggling up with a Knicks Snuggie

    I was looking around Madison Square Garden before a Knicks game and found a Knicks Snuggie on sale for ten dollars. Since that was the cheapest I had seen for a Snuggie and it had a Knicks design, I had get it. Had the Snuggie not been ten dollars or had a design I really liked, I would not have cared to buy it, as I dislike the commercials. It keeps me warm and I spend more time using it as a blanket to just throw over my bed when Iโ€™m sleeping. For the most part, I only really use my Snuggie as a Snuggie and not as a regular blanket when Iโ€™m on a long trip somewhere and donโ€™t have control of the AC in the car. The idea of being able to put your arms through the sleeves is neat, but it is not uniquely different enough for me to go out of my way and buy it. If you are in my situation and can find a cheap one with a design you like, look at is as a blanket that you would like to have and buy it.

  • Jeremy says:

    Hey, Melissa! Thanks for dropping by!

    Taking the Snuggie on road trips is an excellent idea… my wife’s car usually has the AC set to a temperature that’s more suitable to transporting kidneys than comfortably driving.

    Just please, PLEASE don’t get a Rangers Snuggie the next time you’re in MSG.

  • Shannon says:

    HA! I’m getting a kick outta this. I googled “The Bean” and came across your site and your reviews were so great, I decided to peek around. I have a pink Breast cancer snuggie and a Florida Gators snuggie. Sadly, I loved them at Christmas but haven’t touched em since. They definitely keep you warm, too warm. Almost uncomfortably warm. But since I freeze everyone out of the house all summer long, they come in handy for the rest of the family. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jeremy says:

    Hey, Shannon!

    Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the site!

    Not sure if you’re in Gator territory or not, but I’d be a lot less likely to own a Snuggie if I were from around Gainesville. It was over a hundred degrees in Delaware today… and I thought to myself, as God-awful hot as it is, at least I’m not in Florida… wearing a Snuggie…

  • Shannon says:

    LOL! No, but pretty close. Alabama…still hot but I don’t complain. My hubby is in Iraq where it’s 110 on a good day. :-\

  • Jeremy says:

    Hey, Shannon!

    On occasion, my wife and I will check out the global weather on the Wii. And, without fail, the Mid East has a city or two topping out at about 120 degrees.

    Which is the primary reason that sales of the Snuggie aren’t nearly as high there as domestically.

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