18.Apr.2010 Caption Contest — 4/18/10

Happy Sunday, everyone!

It’s time for the weekly caption contest.

This picture is taken from everyone’s favorite bathroom ASOTV gadget (with the possible exception of The Ped Egg), the Potty Putter. Here it is, with sample caption:

Paul becomes the first person in known history to make a sinker and a floater at the exact same time.

Now it’s your turn!

Send your funniest/wittiest/most clever/most confusing/most fragrant caption(s) for the photo above.

If you’re declared this week’s winner, you’ll have a one in five chance of being the lucky reader who will receive ….. THIS!!!

I know what you’re thinking… Swifter Sliders furniture movers? I’ve always wanted a 4 pack of those… but never got around to buying them.

Well, now you can WIN them? Isn’t that fantastic?

The winner may also win a kick-ass Highlander-themed trophy that is currently on display at FreakSmack‘s site. Check it out! And, while you’re there, marvel at the uproarious mug shots.

Entries for this week’s caption contest will be accepted up until 12:01 am on Saturday, 4/24. The winner will be announced later that afternoon/evening.

Good luck, and happy captioning!

(Photo source: http://www.zawi.com)

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