01.Dec.2009 Contest — What the Hell Did We Just Slap Chop?

We Took The Bait gleefully presents to you our second giveaway contest — the quiz “What the Hell Did We Just Slap Chop?”

Jess and I grabbed ten random foods from our kitchen and slapped and chopped and chopped and slapped until they became the shards and fragments of food depicted below. How many can you identify?











To enter, leave a comment with your ten guesses as to what the hell we slap chopped.

The person with the most correct answers will win their very own Slap Chop! This fortunate recipient will stop having a boring tuna and, ergo, will stop having a boring life. In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected randomly.

The deadline for entry is midnight on Sunday. We’ll post the actual list and declare a winner on Monday night or early Tuesday morning, depending on how late the football game runs.

Good luck!

Jessica and Jeremy

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There are 15 Comments to "Contest — What the Hell Did We Just Slap Chop?"

  • Bob Sholl says:

    1. Sandwich Crackers, i want to say peanut butter ones…
    2. Snickers
    3. fruit berry kix
    4. no idea
    5. chex
    6. jelly beans
    7. almonds
    8. carmel-creams
    9. crispix
    10. and again, no idea…maybe crumb cake crumbs?

  • Louis says:

    1. Graham Crackers 2. Snickers Bar 3. Lucky Charms 4. Girl Scout Cookies 5. Triscuits 6. Jelly Beans 7. Almonds & Walnuts 8. Butterscotches? 9. Chex 10. Cookies

  • Kim Johns says:

    1. Wheat & cheese crackers 2. Snickers 3. Trix 4. Yam 5. Butterfinger 6. Jelly Beans 7. Almonds 8. Caramel Creams 9. Chex 10. Muffin

    You guys are a trip! Thanks for the fun game!!!!

  • Joanne FitzPatrick says:

    1. peanut butter crackers
    2. snickers bar
    3. Trix – they’re not just for kids
    4. Cheese
    5. Something Winston threw up
    6. candy
    7. nuts
    8. caramel creams
    9. chex mix
    10. dollar store cookie

  • Jenni Reese Klingler says:

    1 wheat and cheese crackers
    2 snickers
    3 trix cereal
    4 some kind of bread?
    5 shrededwheat
    6 jelly beans
    7 almonds
    8 not just any carmel cream but a cow tail
    9 chex
    10 cookie

  • Julie Bossler says:

    1) cheese crackers
    2) Snickers
    3) Fruit Loops
    4) bar of soap?
    5) shredded wheat
    6) jelly beans
    7) almonds
    8) caramel creams…ewww!
    9) Chex
    10) cookies

  • Jackie Picciotti says:

    1. Cheese on Wheat Crackers
    2. Twix (I know I am wrong, but I can’t think)
    3. Trix
    4. White Chocolate?
    5. Peanuts
    6. Good n Fruity
    7. Almonds
    8. Sugar Daddy
    9. Crispix
    10. Graham Crackers

  • Dara says:

    1. Ritz cheese crackers
    2. Snickers
    3. Trix
    4. Freeze dried ice cream
    5. Shredded Wheat
    6. Jelly Beans
    7. Nuts
    8. Carmel Cremes
    9. Chex or Crispix
    10. Nutter Butter cookie (or some sort of peanut butter cookie)

  • Nathan says:

    1. cheddar cheese crackers
    2. Score Bar
    3. Froot Loops
    4. bar of soap
    5. Shredded Wheat
    6. Mike & Ikes
    7. almonds (they look more like brazil nuts, but where would you get whole, shelled brazil nuts?)
    8. Caramel Creams
    9. Chex
    10. Vanilla Wafers

  • Jen Ketchledge says:

    1. Cheese and wheat crackers
    2. Snickers
    3. Trix cereal
    4. canned chicken
    5. triscuits
    6. multicolor candy cane
    7. almonds
    8. caramel creams
    9. chex
    10. graham crackers

  • Tonya says:

    Well, everyone has already guessed, so I won’t even bother. But, I will say I was most psyched about the cow tails.

  • Panama Girl says:

    Save me from my boring life!

    1 Whole wheat cracker with cheese filling

    2 Snickers bar

    3 Trix (Silly rabbit!)

    4 Powdered sugar mini donut

    5 Mini shredded wheat without frosting

    6 Jelly beans

    7 Almonds

    8 A cream caramel

    9 Chex

    10 Graham cracker

  • CJ and Jenn Murphy says:

    1. Cheese on Wheat Crackers
    2. Snickers Bar
    3. Trix are for Kids
    4. White chocolate
    5. Triscuts or Wheat Pasta or one of those sponges you hydrate your hermit crab with?!?
    6. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
    7. Walnuts
    8. Caramel Creams
    9. Crispix we think the holes are too long and narrow in the one piece that suvived slapping and chopping for it to be chex.
    10. CJ says vanilla wafer and I say graham cracker.

  • Bryan Piane says:

    1-chedder cheese cracker 2-Snickers bar 3- Trix cereal 4- mushrooms??? 5- chicken meat 6- Gourmet Flavored Jelly beans 7-almond pieces 8- Goetzes Caramel creams 9- Chex Mix 10- peanut Brittle

  • wyattshow says:

    1) wheat -n- cheese crackers 6) jelly beans
    2) watchamacallit candy bar 7) almonds
    3) trix cereal 8) cow tail
    4) candy eggs 9) crispix
    5) shredded wheat 10) graham cracker

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